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1.76天下毁灭_The first time | visual thinking, spatial understanding, game inspiration


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  Today’s toys are from Belgian table game brand Smart Games, no one knows?t.What are 传奇sf网站骗钱 the hobbies and themes of shaping children?Slow brain is two main functions of intelligent board 传奇sf什么地图刷雪人王?games.

  When I 传奇sf是不是不让开met with brand owners at the Nuremberg Toy Fair earlier this year, I asked why it was too late to launch new products, and some home games were coming soon.Declare.

  He said with 传奇sf血玉怎么修 a 传奇武尊sf smile.Since it takes at least three years from design to sale of intelligent amusement toys, repeated polishing can guarantee quality.Smart Farm is a new product, and it took them three years to hone their swords.

  有老虎棒子的传奇SF %title插图%num热血传奇英雄心法sf跟传奇sf差不多的单机游戏

  This is a picture of me playing at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, sitting opposite the founder of the brand.I want to hear his introduction to the product. As a result, 登录不了传奇sfI have this kind of poisoning. I sat for an hour anyway?We.

  The official 沉默极品传奇sf recommended age of this board game is 5 years old and 传奇sf怎么查看聊天记录 above. When I play with 无限兽王版本传奇sf children around Four years old, I can accept 传奇单职业左手武器sf it.

  Therefore, I also asked the founder of the brand.He said that the general board game suggests a higher age, and parents should not feel uncomfortable because of their children’s growing speed.

  开传奇sf步骤 %title插图%num

  The Smart Farmer suit consists of two Aries, two pink pigs, a brown cow, a brown cow, 传奇sf免费素材 a gray horse, a black horse and three pigs.tures.

  Game board, three sinks, Chinese manual, question 传奇永恒sf吧card+answer manual.

  最新开迷失传奇sf超变态传奇21亿级sf 传奇手游官阶轩辕传奇手游通天86 %title插图%num

  In short, is the goal of the game to use keys?Distinguish the types of animals. Under high difficulty, each area needs a water tank.Animals 传奇类手游无限元宝版and sinks 爆率高的传奇手游are fixed and cannot 轩辕传奇手游组队 move.


  There are problems here, too.In the past two days, the results of college entrance examination have been announced nationwide.In many provinces, 传奇世界手游脚本挂the scores of liberal 传奇手游红名怎么办arts are more 轩辕传奇手游幻之迷城 than 50 points higher than those of 传奇手游玄冰铁如何获得 science.

  If you think about it, will we do it consciously?Bias? I’m raising children. For example, we 传奇手游卖号流程 often read 传奇手游其他玩法 more fathers and sons unconsciously, ignoring children’s visual thinking, logic and spatial thinking culture.

  Therefore, I remind my children to consciously introduce “smart toys” like board games after the 传奇手游牛魔洞六层 age 传奇世界手游穿刺of 传奇手游微信实名认证three.


  Visual thinking

  There are many explanations for the definition of visual thinking: in a word, it involves using visual methods to think, integrate, extract and express.

  Why would anyone remember it right away?Why do people always do well?Why can someone make a very comprehensive analysis?

  传奇手游变态吧 For me, all these involve visual 手游传奇霸业用什么模拟器 reflection.Not everyone can “see”传奇手游 大师的渴望 .For me, the most important thing in visual thinking is to look at the whole world.

  Such board games are a good source of inspiration for visual thinking.Donate local goods, such as 腾讯传奇手游 召唤神兽 cattle and 传奇 哪个手游好玩sheep.

  However, to 传奇世界手游哪打怪升级快 solve this problem, children must regard it 传奇世界手游不带分身as a whole. How to separate it reasonably?

  Basically, after I finished my course with 传奇世界手游线路切换 Xiao D, I asked him to repeat the thinking process with me.Why cl?Is it placed like this?Where did you put it when you first did it?Why not?

  This is also the enhancement of visual thinking. Through resurrection, I think of the “image” 大蓝传奇SF手游 at that time, and we reproduce 一般传奇sf怎么摆摊 it with words.


  Two中变传奇 sf辅助挂

  Thinking space

  First talk about visual thinking, 新开传奇sf185 then talk about spatial thinking.I think everyone knows.

  This is the idea of jumping out of the 热血传奇sf内挂在哪个文件夹limits of points, lines and faces. Thinking about top, bottom, left and 传奇sf不能小退 right is three-dimensional thinking and global thinking ability.


  Why is the ability to think about space important?I think everyone knows?STEM (science, technology, engineering, 蚂蚁传奇sf mathematics) and spatial thinking ability are important indicators of STEM.

  家装电脑怎么玩传奇sf And “number” is closely related to the 传奇世界sf 旖旎四站 推荐 development of space thought. Early spatial thinking ability can predict children’s mathematical performance after growing up.

  When reading, it is necessary to draw auxiliary lines to complete the movement of patterns in the brain, which is suitable for the ability of spatial reflection.挂机类传奇手游sf There are also studies that show that children who have a good understanding of spatial relations at an early age will develop better arithmetic skills in kindergartens.

  Common space thinking toys are basic items, such 笔记本玩传奇sf闪屏as building blocks and Legos. Nowadays, this clever farmer cherishes children’s spatial reasoning and 热血传奇sf补丁放那个文件planning skills.

  Configuration of these keys?In fact, it is actually equivalent to drawing auxiliary lines. Children must form such 传奇sf无主之地auxiliary lines in their minds and check whether they are correct by arranging them.

  sf999传奇私服发布网单职业 %title插图%num


  Concentration, solving ability, thinking ability

  This question card game is a very common form of children’s board game. Q&A cards 传奇sf花千骨have special benefits for children. They are guided to observe and practice their children before signing out.

  Children are always in a dominant position, changing passive learning into active creative learning.

  At the same time, give the child a 仿传奇手游 chance 九游传奇3手游to try the mistake, and the child can try 轩辕传奇手游天圣套装 the mistake again and again and find the right way.

  Then, when proposing to play with children, parents can participate in games with children.Since you will never see the child again, please don’t place the child with your hands except 3, 5 and 2.

  Consult the child, observe the questionnaire, share the thinking process and find the answer, and 手游传奇荣耀then release 纯粹单机传奇手游the child.

  This not only enables children to learn learning strategies, but also increases their chances of success?More accumulation?。

  啪啪手游王者传奇 %title插图%num传奇手游服务器租


  How to play?

  Finally, 热血传奇手游杀人装备 introduce the gameplay.The whole game includes 4 difficulty levels and 60 challenge levels, 传奇手游魔龙精魄 and the difficulty levels gradually change.Each answer is unique, and there is a correct answer at the 手游热血传奇精英怪几线 end of the notebook.

  I gave an example on the first of four difficulty levels.First, open the level, select challenges and 苍月传奇手游好玩吗configure animals as needed.


  Warning.Control points?Not only the species of small animals, but also the color and direction are specified.Well, at first you can show the children directly.

  When will the children know?In the game, the instructor can also pick up the notebook, put the light-colored cow in the third row at the top, then put it in the second column on the right, and so on.Ask questions to children in words.The bull’s head goes to the left.

  These small changes will also increase the 手游热血传奇白猪boos刷新规律 difficulty and test children’s short-term memory and attention.Of course?R, this is a good communication between father and son.

  手游鬼吹灯新版传奇 手游传奇垃圾装备加10分解口袋巴士传奇世界手游 %title插图%num传奇霸业手游 脚本

  Second, the key?Physical objects are used to divide the lawn of the farm, and animals are distributed according to varieties.

  This is the first obstacle. The simplest thing is to divide the lawn into two parts.

  轩辕传奇手游可以融合多少宠物 %title插图%num

  This is the 13th function and the first function at the primary level.We can see that this function has been used by three 手游传奇世界点金石在哪打and six 热血传奇手游旧版small animals.


  There are cf手游电竞传奇答题攻略 three obstacles in the game, but not all doors need all obstacles.This custom uses three keys?Separate them.


  This is the 25th function and the first 传奇暗黑修仙sffunction of expert difficulty.There are three types of animals, but the difficulty of the same type of animal station is more dispersed than above.


传奇sf10大 霸气   Only three keys?Therefore, more accurate partitioning is necessary.


  This is the 37th function and the first function, which is the highest difficulty level in the difficulty level ma.Is.

  From this station, I 传奇sf怎么道号 entered the sink.Every area needs lawns for 传奇sf架设路由器映射animals to drink water.The design of the game is very clever, and the configuration of the sink is directional.

  Can the sink be in the key?Contact with any animal.Animals need water


  Only two keys are needed to complete this function?As shown in the figure, it slightly protrudes and extends, but it can also be configured without separating independent 无赦版传奇sf 传奇sf登录器查找目录 areas.



  It should be noted that not all keys?Joints must be round and raised, and must be inserted.Keys?Keys and keys?They should not overlap.


  Should children also consider the key to direction?Shoot at 90 degrees.As shown in c?On the right side of the picture below, it is incorrect not to insert it into the card.

  开传奇sf需要调节 %title插图%num传奇sf微端地图不更新

  Smart farmer’s smart farmer 传奇sf怎么攻沙 feels good.Jewelry was chamfered.It feels smooth.Protoplast production, EUce certification and 3C 类似冰雪传奇的sf inspection in China.

  As it is clean and practical, please wipe it with a dry cloth.Don’t soak for too 传奇sf发布网新开 long.

  You still have to choose thorns. Animals are 神鬼传奇手游官网 plastic and inevitably 艾琳传奇手游have mold marks.If you cut with a sharp object, the impression will be preserved. Please do not shoot.

  手游轩辕传奇怎么升级 %title插图%num

  This board game has just been launched in China and sold online for the first time. The price is 175 yuan.

  Details of group purchase

  Business hours: The first time in the whole 单机传奇手游排行榜network, Beijing time, from 7:00 am on June 27, 2019 to 8:00 pm on June 30, 2019, or cancel sales

  About the delivery place: Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, the delivery will be completed within 3 working 手游传奇世界勋章days after payment热血传奇手游官职


  In Chinese mainland, Yunda and Yuantong in hong kong?Macao? SF arrived in Taiwan

  In some areas, due to 武媚娘传奇手游号 special reasons, the delivery place may be delayed, so please shoot quickly.

  Electronic invoices can be issued.Order bill header+taxpayer identification number+email address (sent within 7 working days after receipt of goods 热血传奇手游平天大圣is confirmed)

  About 0 for a single package.About 65 kg

  Join the road

  For payment and group purchase issues, you can consult the WeChat service number “Big J Small D Service Number”

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